What is Snap-Stop ?

Snap-Stop makes exercising with bands very safe. The unique feature/benefit will avoid snapping, even if there’s a cut or puncture in your MSD-Band or MSD-Band Global.

Snap-Stop is an extra safety feature for when you’re working out with a resistive exercise band as it will have to endure extremely high tensions. A small cut can have a big consequence …
Our MSD-Band and MSD-Band Global are unique in their field. Thanks to extended research and development we achieved a special production process. This process results in a product that won’t snap, even if there’s a cut or punc­ture and it’s exposed to high farces. This does not apply to a very old band, or band that has been exposed outdoors for some time, as well as abused band. First advise still remains to use a fresh and clean sheet of band.