01-110402 - MSD-Band Global Superloop

MSD-Band Global Superloop

With the MSD-Band Global Superloop, you can easily stretch and strengthen different muscle groups. It can be used for rehabilitation and for fitness purposes. The MSD-Band Superloop is 104cm long (circumference is 208cm) and has an incredible elasticity.
The MSD-Band Superloop is available in 5 different resistances: Peach, Orange, Lime Green, Blueberry and Plum.

Combine it with our MSD-Band Superloop Wall Mount to achieve an even higher versatility of exercises.

MSD-Band Loop
Color Resistance 100% elongation Reference
Peach Level 1 7,5 kg 01-110402
Orange Level 2 15 kg 01-110403
Lime Green Level 3 22,5 kg 01-110404
Blueberry Level 4 30 kg 01-110405
Plum Level 5 40 kg 01-110406