Wall Mount - accessories

Accessories for MSD-Band

We offer various accessories to increase the amount of exercises.

With the MSD-Band Superloop Wall Mount, you can extend the exercising possibilities. Use it together with our MSD-Band or MSD-Band Global Resisitive Exercise products for a high versatility of exercises for all muscle groups.

The MSD-Band Safety and Soft Handles will give you superior grip and soft handling when exercising with the MSD-Band.

The MSD-Band Door Anchor will allow you to safely mount your MSD-Band our MSD-Band Tubing in a doorway, while the MSD-Band Universal Assist helps you to attach an MSD-Band or MSD-Band Tubing to your foot, a chair, a doorknob…

Please visit our Exercise Charts or YouTube channel for more inspiration.

Description Reference
MSD-Band Superloop Wall Mount 01-300001
MSD-Band Safety Handles 01-300101
MSD-Band Soft Handles 01-300102
MSD-Band Door Anchor 01-300103
MSD-Band Universal Assist 01-300104